ENGLISH | International Music Masterclasses ARDEA 2019


Centre for Education and Culture AKADEMIJA Čapljina and MUSIC SCHOOL Ljubuški organise the International Music Masterclasses ARDEA which will be held in August 2019 (Čapljina and Ljubuški/ Bosnia and Herzegovina).


This is a chance for all talented musicians, not only from Bosnia and Herzegovina but also from other countries, to improve their musical knowledge by working with excellent professors and to make new friends.


After wonderful experiences (2017 and 2018) and positive reactions of all participants, we are now organising the ARDEA 2019 with a more diverse offer.


In addition to the guitar (Maroje Brčić), flute (Marko Zupan), violin (Goran Končar) and piano (Oliver Kern), this year we will also have the violin (Brian Finlayson) and the Alexander-Technique (Alexander Olschewski).


As part of the ARDEA Masterclass, a number of concerts will be held by professors and participants.


Furthermore, Čapljina and Ljubuski have a rich gastronomic and tourist offer.


Good traffic connections (bus, train), as well as the vicinity of the motorway and airports (Mostar, Split, Dubrovnik and Sarajevo) make Čapljina and Ljubuški easily accessible to all visitors.


Excellent lecturers, great working conditions, affordable prices of the Masterclass and cheap prices of accommodation, transportation and food are great reasons to join the ARDEA Masterclass.


The number of participants who will work with the professors is limited, which is why you should apply as soon as possible.


Contact information:


mobile phone number: ++387 63 321 893


All other information and the application form are available on our website www.akademijacapljina.com.